ReadThingsRight: A Guide to Interconnected Universes

Welcome to ReadThingsRight, a website designed to help you navigate the complex world of interconnected universes. With some of these universes as massive as they are, a good starting point and viewing sequence isn't always simple to find. This website is here to try and determine to perfect order for the best audience experience, prioritizing story and cohesive flow over chronological order or release order. I have broken my orders down into ones based on comic books, ones based on movies, and ones based on television shows, all of which generally shoot for the same goals. So if you're stuck on how to read or watch something, here's how to ReadThingsRight.

The Silver Surfer is one of Marvel's most prolific cosmic heroes, debuting in the pages of Fantastic Four as the Herald of Galactus. He would quickly be trapped on Earth, and became a recurring character until he finally received his own solo series in 1968. While none of these arcs are strictly connected, they all follow the Surfer as he adapts to being trapped on Earth and contends with the brutality and insanity of humanity.


Comic Book Reading Orders

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In 2012, writer Jonathan Hickman moved right from his stellar Fantastic Four run to a three year run on Marvel's flagship title, Avengers. Partnering it with a second poorly-titled series called New Avengers (it really stars the Illuminati, Marvel's superhero world leaders) the two series see the Avengers expand to new heights as the end of the universe slowly looms in the background. The run is split into two parts, the first of which climaxes with the Infinity event and the second of which concludes with Secret Wars.

Movie Watch Orders

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From 2000 to 2020, 20th Century Fox released 13 films based on the X-Men, all connected in an extended universe. However, considering that the universe contains two timelines and a number of spin-offs, it can be hard to figure out what goes where. Fortunately, the films generally contain a streamlined narrative when you look at the details, so everything should make sense, even across timelines. Mild spoilers for Fox's X-Men film franchise.

TV Series Watch Orders

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Starting in 2005, classic series Doctor Who came back with a revival starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, with Russel T Davies running the show. While the main actors and showrunners have changed numerous times, the series continues having follow-ups to old plots all the way past its thirteenth season. In addition to the main seasons, Doctor Who has numerous specials and a number of spin-off series that expand on the supporting cast, which is where this watch order comes in, placing the specials and spin-offs in just the right place so nothing is missed.